Call For Papers

Important Dates:

10 May 2019: Deadline for paper submission
17 May 2019: Final deadline for paper submission
  1 July 2019: Notification of acceptance
19 July 2019: Camera-ready final versions
20-22 September 2019: Workshop
23 September 2019: Blizzard Challenge Workshop


The 10th ISCA Speech Synthesis Workshop will be held in Vienna, Austria, 20-22 September 2019. The workshop is a satellite event of the INTERSPEECH 2019 conference in Graz, Austria.

Workshop topics

Papers in all areas of speech synthesis technology are encouraged to be submitted, including but not limited to:

  • Grapheme-to-phoneme conversion for synthesis
  • Text processing for speech synthesis (text normalization, syntactic and semantic analysis)
  • Segmental-level and/or concatenative synthesis
  • Signal processing/statistical model for synthesis
  • Speech synthesis paradigms and methods; articulatory synthesis, parametric synthesis etc.
  • Prosody modeling and generation
  • Expression, emotion and personality generation
  • Voice conversion and modification, morphing
  • Concept-to-speech conversion speech synthesis in dialog systems
  • Avatars and talking faces
  • Cross-lingual and multilingual aspects for synthesis
  • Applications of synthesis technologies to communication disorders
  • TTS for embedded devices and computational issues
  • Tools and data for speech synthesis
  • Quality assessment/evaluation metrics in synthesis
  • Singing synthesis
  • Synthesis of non-human vocalisations
  • End-to-end text-to-speech synthesis
  • Direct speech waveform modelling and generation
  • Speech synthesis using non-ideal data ('found', user-contributed, etc.)
  • Natural language generation for speech synthesis
  • Special topic: Synthesis of non-standard language varieties (sociolects, dialects, second language varieties)

Call for Demos

We are planning to have a demo session to showcase new developments in speech synthesis. If you have some demonstrations of your work that does not really fit in a regular oral or poster presentation, please let us know.