Best Paper Awards

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of SSW we organised a voting among our advisory board asking for the most important paper of each of the past SSW workshops, which were held in Autrans 1990, Mohonk 1994, Jenolan Caves 1998, Pitlochry 2001, Pittsburgh 2004, Bonn 2007, Kyoto 2010, Barcelona 2013, and Sunnyvale 2016.

The best papers of past SSW workshops are:

SSW1 Joseph P. Olive, A New Algorithm for a Concatenative Speech Synthesis System Using an Augmented Acoustic Inventory of Speech Sounds (SSW1 1990)

SSW2 David Yarowsky, Homograph Disambiguation in Speech Synthesis (SSW2 1994)

SSW3 Paul Taylor, Alan W. Black, Richard Caley, The Architecture of the Festival Speech Synthesis System (SSW3 1998)

SSW4 Marc Schröder and Jürgen Trouvain, The German Text-to-Speech Synthesis System MARY: A Tool for Research, Development and Teaching (SSW4 2001)

SSW5 John Kominek, Alan W. Black, The CMU Arctic Speech Databases (SSW5 2004)

SSW6 Heiga Zen, Takashi Nose, Junichi Yamagishi, Shinji Sako, Takashi Masuko, Alan W. Black, Keiichi Tokuda, The HMM-based Speech Synthesis System (HTS) Version 2.0 (SSW6 2007)

SSW7 Kishore Prahallad, Alan W. Black, Handling Large Audio Files in Audio Books for Building Synthetic Voices (SSW7 2010)

SSW8 Heng Lu, Simon King, Oliver Watts, Combining a Vector Space Representation of Linguistic Context with a Deep Neural Network for Text-To-Speech Synthesis (SSW8 2013)

SSW9 Xin Wang, Shinji Takaki, Junichi Yamagishi, Investigating Very Deep Highway Networks for Parametric Speech Synthesis (SSW9 2016)